Who We Are

Little 'lato is a bespoke gelato company, with a dream of adding just a little more joy into your day.

We thrive in making authentic, innovative and all-round delicious gelato. You know it's the real deal, because we learnt how to make it from the best of the best in Italy! All recipes are developed from scratch and are made by hand. The flavours are always changing, which means no two weeks of gelato flavours are the same. Banana & peanut butter, espresso martini, banana & bacon French toast… Flavours which, in themselves, were a joy to create!

The Little 'Lato range includes gelato, sorbet, and other vegan alternatives. No matter your dietary requirements there are great tasting options for everyone (we don't want our dairy-free friends to miss out on the joy that is gelato!)

Behind the Scenes


There are few people who could consider themselves an ice cream fanatic. I just so happen to be one of those people! It wasn't until a couple of years ago though, that I was introduced to the reality of authentic Italian gelato. My world would never be the same again.

When I received a scholarship to study at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy, I really was in my happy place!

That's where the dream for Little 'Lato began. I wanted to show New Zealander's the real deal when it comes to gelato. I honestly get joy out of creating the products, taking some of my favourite foods and putting them in gelato form. After working at some of the big players in the food industry (such as Fonterra and Much Moore Kiwi Ice Cream Company), I decided to leave the corporate world to turn the gelato dream into a reality.

Partnering with Crave Café, Little 'Lato is the start of something great!



As well as having a huge love of gelato, we at Little 'Lato also have a huge love of people!

Partnering with Crave Café is what you could call a match made in Heaven. We love to be a part of their vision to 'do good in our hood'. We know that food is a huge part of connecting people, and we know our Little 'Lato can help with connecting the neighbourhood.

If you haven't heard of Crave already, then check them out here - link to website: http://www.cravecafe.co.nz/!

Where you can find us

Little 'Lato is available at Crave Café in Morningside, Kingsland

Keep in touch

Email hannah@littlelato.nz or Phone 021 0257 3500