Founder - Hannah

There are few people who could consider themselves an ice cream fanatic. Our Founder and gelato crafter – Hannah Wood - just so happens to be one of those people!

When she received a scholarship to study at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy, she realized her world would never be the same again. That’s where the dream for Little ‘Lato began. Hannah wanted to show New Zealander's the real deal when it comes to gelato – made like it is in Italy. After working at some of the big players in the food industry (such as Fonterra and Much Moore Kiwi Ice Cream Company), she decided to leave the corporate world and turn the gelato dream into a reality.

An innovation hub at Crave Café was where it all began, opening up a gelato bar and production kitchen in December 2017. This quickly grew to a second partnership with Good Karma Coffee in December 2018, opening up a central city delight in the Auckland Fish Markets. Little ‘Lato now supplies gelato to a number of locations throughout Auckland and New Zealand and we can’t wait to see what will be scooped up in the journey ahead!

Lead Gelato Artisan- Laetitia

This gal is our star gelato maker, churning litres of gelato (and we mean litres!) into velvety perfection, all ready for scooping.

Laetitia is new in the team but has quickly become a gelato extraordinaire. She is now the lead of the kitchen, mixing, blitzing, churning, freezing and boxing massive amounts of gelato goodness, with an un-beatable way of making the gelato swirls look divinely delicious. A work of art!

We also love her creativity and ability to think up great new flavour concoctions!